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About Orthodontics

Our team is passionate about orthodontics and the confidence it creates. To learn more about the benefits of orthodontic treatment, explore the information below or schedule an exam at our boutique practice today!

We Offer Expert Orthodontics in Washington, DC.

Dr. Sonia Talley and Dr. Katie Clark are certified specialists in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. This means they completed speciality training, during which they gained expertise in treating dental and facial irregularities in children, teens and adults.

By combining the principles of orthodontics with digital technology and a touch of artistry, our orthodontists will give you a smile you absolutely adore. Our team will keep you informed, educated and engaged at every step in the process.

Bird Smiles Orthodontics, DC
Bird Smiles Orthodontics

An orthodontist is a specialist whose practice focuses on guiding jaw and facial growth, straightening the teeth and aligning the bite.

From gaps between the teeth to an overbite, we’re covering the most common orthodontic concerns we treat at Bird Smiles.

Wearing a retainer will keep your new smile in place and ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Check out the answers to the orthodontic questions we hear most often from our patients.

Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Every beautiful, confident smile we create starts with a consultation. Schedule an exam for you or your child at our boutique orthodontic practice today! We are conveniently located in Tenleytown, DC with easy access to the Tenleytown-AU metro station, bus stops and street parking.