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Beam CT

Modern 3D scanning captures your dental and facial structures down to the tiniest anatomical details. We get more visual information with less radiation.

It’s conservative but really comprehensive.

Cone beam computed tomography, or CBCT for short, is an imaging tool that lets us visualize your face, mouth and jaw from every angle. The process is quick and painless, and the scanner emits significantly less radiation than conventional CT scans or a traditional orthodontic series of x-rays.

And unlike 2D radiographs, CBCT imaging shows us all of your dental and facial structures, including the nerves, tooth roots, joint space and sinuses, in 3D. It helps our doctors take alignment to the next level, leading to spectacular outcomes and smiles that promote better health.


How does CBCT imaging work?

While you’re seated, the scanner rotates around your head capturing hundreds of different x-ray views in under a minute. The 2D image slices are then stitched together to create vivid, 3D images of your anatomy. Dr. Talley and Dr. Clark use the high-definition, detailed scans to develop an accurate diagnosis and an efficient, precise treatment plan.

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See The Benefits
Number 1


The scanner records images while you’re comfortably seated in an open area. No enclosed space or uncomfortable bitewings!

Number 2


Our cone beam CT machine delivers comprehensive diagnostic images in a single scan that takes less than a minute.

Number 3


Our doctors can see your dental and facial structures down to the finest details in 3D. This helps them create precise treatment plans tailored to your unique anatomy and features.

Number 4


CBCT imaging exposes you to less radiation than a traditional CT scan or a standard orthodontic series of x-rays. It also lets us map out safer, more efficient tooth movements.

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