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Wearing a retainer will hold your new smile in place and ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Retention is an important step.

After finishing braces, Invisalign® or phase 1 treatment, there is one more step: wearing a retainer. A retainer holds your teeth in their new positions, giving the bone, tissue and ligaments time to rearrange and secure the teeth in place.

If you don’t wear a retainer, your teeth will shift, leading to an orthodontic relapse. But, we promise, when you see how good your smile looks, a retainer won’t seem like a big deal at all.

Quality Retainers

Here’s how it works:

We provide all of our patients with custom orthodontic retainers after braces, Invisalign and expansion treatment. One of our team members will take a digital scan of your final smile and a retainer will be fabricated based on the model of your mouth for the perfect fit.

Not a patient but need a new retainer? Call or text our Washington, DC office at 202-686-2108 and we can create one for you too!

Our no-sweat retainer options keep things simple.

Clear Vivera™ Retainers

When you finish comprehensive treatment, we’ll provide you with four upper and lower clear retainers, so you have plenty of backups. At Bird Smiles Orthodontics, we offer Vivera retainers. These removable, custom retainers, from the makers of Invisalign®, use the same cutting-edge technology as the aligners. They’re comfortable, durable and nearly invisible.

Fixed “Permanent” Bar Retainer

A fixed retainer, or permanent retainer, is a metal wire that’s bonded to the back of the teeth, on the tongue side. When our younger patients finish expansion treatment, Dr. Talley and Dr. Clark fit them with a fixed retainer. Since it stays in place, kids don’t have to remember to wear it and there’s no chance of losing it.

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