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In the hands of our dedicated smile professionals, the braces process is comfortable and rewarding.

We’ll have you smiling from the start.

Whether you’re interested in braces for yourself, your child or your teenager, you’ll benefit from our expert guidance and undivided attention throughout the process. Our comfortable, boutique practice is filled with kindness, laughter and fun. We’ll give you a smile you absolutely love and ensure you have a good time achieving it.

Bird Smiles Orthodontics, DC
The Procedure
Number 1

Come in for a consultation

A friendly team member will take digital x-rays and Dr. Talley or Dr. Clark will perform an exam. The doctor will chat with you about your needs and your diagnosis and help you decide on the best type of braces for your individual case and lifestyle.

Number 2

Receive an expert-designed treatment plan

The orthodontist will use cutting-edge software to design your treatment plan on a 3D model of your mouth. They’ll plot out your tooth movements and visualize how your teeth will fit together from every angle, creating a custom smile based on your dental and facial features.

Number 3

Get your braces put on

Getting braces put on doesn’t hurt at all. Dr. Talley or Dr. Clark will use special adhesive to bond brackets to your teeth. They’ll thread archwires through the brackets and secure them in place. Before you leave, we’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about caring for your braces and your smile.

Number 4

Visit us for check-ups

You’ll have regular check-ups during your braces treatment, usually every six weeks or so. This lets the orthodontist monitor your progress, make adjustments and answer any questions you have. If you want to customize your braces, you’ll be able to choose your elastics colors at these visits.

Number 5

Show off your new smile and maintain those results

There’s nothing our team loves more than seeing our patients’ smile reveals. When the big day arrives, we’ll remove your braces, let you check out your results in the mirror and help you celebrate. We’ll also create a custom retainer to hold your teeth in their new positions. Wearing a retainer is the key to lifelong results.

Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Every beautiful, confident smile we create starts with a consultation. Schedule an exam for you or your child at our boutique orthodontic practice today! We are conveniently located in Tenleytown, DC with easy access to the Tenleytown-AU metro station, bus stops and street parking.