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Bird Smiles Orthodontics provides a confidence-boosting experience and results for our teenage patients.

Teen Dental Treatment

We design custom smiles that last a lifetime.

The early teen years are an orthodontic sweet spot. At this point – wisdom teeth aside – kids have all of their permanent teeth, so the doctor can focus on straightening them. But at the same time, the jaws are still developing, letting Dr. Talley and Dr. Clark harness growth for more dramatic, stable results.

Whether it’s the first round of treatment or we’re finetuning things in phase two, our orthodontists will use digital tools to design a custom smile for your teenager based on their real-time dental and facial anatomy. Then, we’ll put the treatment plan into action to create the ideal balance of aesthetics, function and health.

Teen Orthodontic Treatment

We have smile solutions for every teen.

Your teenager can breathe a sigh of relief, because you won’t find any bulky braces here at Bird Smiles Orthodontics. As a premier Invisalign® Teen provider in Washington, DC, a lot of the teens we treat skip braces altogether and straighten their teeth with clear aligners.

Prefer something that stays in your child’s mouth full-time? Our experts have streamlined metal and clear braces too. Teens can have fun choosing colorful elastics at visits or keep it under the radar with ceramic brackets.

Enjoy a refreshing orthodontic experience.

There’s nothing we love more than playing a role in transforming a patient’s smile and self-esteem at such a formative time. Throughout the process, our team gets to know your teenager and cheers them on in their treatment – and in their life. We believe that creating a fun, empowering experience is part of the confidence-building magic.

And, parents, we have you covered as well. Our office was created with your comfort and convenience in mind. Let us take care of your teenager’s smile while you forget about your to-do list for a few minutes.

Teen Orthodontic Treatment Service

Schedule your complimentary consultation today!

Every beautiful, confident smile we create starts with a consultation. Schedule an exam for you or your child at our boutique orthodontic practice today! We are conveniently located in Tenleytown, DC with easy access to the Tenleytown-AU metro station, bus stops and street parking.