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It’s obvious when you look in the mirror that a smile affects your facial appearance. Of course, a big grin lights up your face and signals happy emotions, but aesthetically speaking, a smile also contributes to your overall face shape and structure. That means if you’re transforming your smile with braces or Invisalign, you’re not only straightening your teeth but potentially changing your face shape, too.

At Bird Smiles Orthodontics, our patients have seen changes in their faces before and after braces and Invisalign — some subtle, some dramatic, all positive. Curious about how orthodontics might change your nose, lips, or jawline? Let’s delve into how braces and Invisalign® can positively impact your face shape and why consulting certified specialists in orthodontics like your Washington, DC, orthodontists, Dr. Talley and Dr. Clark, is crucial in getting a smile that brings out your best features.

How Invisalign or Braces Change Your Face Shape

So, how does Invisalign or braces change your face shape? Well, in certain cases they can result in facial changes in the jawline and lower face structure. Face changes after braces or Invisalign are more noticeable if you had serious malocclusion such as a severe underbite or overbite. In other words, the more severe your misalignment, the more dramatic your face “before and after” will look. Conversely, your facial transformation will likely seem minimal if you only had mildly crooked teeth or a slightly bad bite. And if you’re wondering, “Can braces or Invisalign fix an asymmetrical face?” the answer is yes. Moving teeth and jaws into their more ideal positions can also lead to more harmonious facial symmetry.

Understandably, not knowing how much your face will change can feel a little worrisome. However, you can have confidence in your braces or Invisalign treatment with us because our tech-forward, digital planning results in precision for our patients, as well as the fun perk of seeing your treatment unfold in a virtual simulation from beginning to end — you get a sneak peek at how your face will change after braces or Invisalign. Now, that’s something that didn’t happen with braces in the 80s and 90s!

How Can Braces Change Your Jawline?

With orthodontics, some patients see noticeable changes in their jawline before and after braces. Braces can make the face appear longer or more proportioned; they can move your chin slightly forward if you had an overbite or a bit further back if you had an underbite.

A real-life example? The above Bird Smiles Orthodontics patient had an underbite (left image). Correction with reverse pull headgear promoted facial balance and an aligned jawline (right image). Aligning the jawline not only has aesthetic benefits but can help improve biting and chewing since top and bottom dental arches now stack together nicely.

Do Braces Change Your Lips?

Simply put, yes, to some extent. Braces can alter the position of your lips, making them more pronounced or changing their contour. How do braces change your lips? The alignment of your teeth directly affects the positioning of your lips: if your teeth move from crooked to straight, crowded to well-spaced, your lips can change since they rest on your teeth. And get this: a change in lip position isn’t only aesthetic; if you had speech difficulties before due to malocclusion, you’re on your way to improving your speaking ability with your new smile.

Why Seeing a Certified Orthodontic Specialist Matters

With all these potential changes, consulting a certified specialist in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics for straightening your smile is essential. Why? Because they are trained not only to straighten teeth but also to consider the entire facial structure in their treatment plans. They design orthodontic treatment that not only straightens your teeth but also addresses the aesthetic and functional harmony of your jaws, teeth, and face. Your result is a new smile that still looks like you and complements your facial features but is new and improved — and sets you up for better oral health and functioning.

Take the first step towards a healthier, happier smile today. Connect with your Tenleytown orthodontic specialists to schedule your complimentary consultation and discover the transformative benefits of orthodontic treatment tailored just for you.